Pumpkin Dual Neoprene Wine Holder 2-Bottle

Size: One Size

Love the wine and do a lot of wine tasting events and you buy a couple but they are always too uncomfortable to carry and all they give you some bags, and hopefully they hold up. Well we have the solution for you-Our Dual wine carrier makes it easy to carry from place to place and soft enough that it won't hurt your hands while carrying it. Take it to the liquor store or grocery store, you see that it was well worth the investment.

    • 4.76 Oz. Made from durable Neoprene fabric.
    • Perfect to carry your wine, champagne, water bottles and more.
    • Durable quality. Protective fabric protects your cargo from breakages and bumps.
    • Convenient to carry. Two separate sleeve makes it safety to carry your bottles.
    • Two separate sleeve ensures you can carry two bottles and they don't clank together.